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The facades lighting concept for the new mix-use complex in Moscow was driven by the architectural shapes of the singular buildings of the complex in order to find the lighting scheme which will naturally connect them with light together Read more...

Media Architecture & Content Development

There are different ways of presenting information in architecture. The information can be static or dynamic, informative or artistic. The medium and way of presenting should be adapted to the goal and message. &light’s main experience with media in architecture is media facades.

By creating a dynamic lighting surface, the client is able of changing the atmosphere, the message and the look and feel of the space. It is a great way to interact with your audience. With a dynamic lighting facade, it is possible to change the lighting per season, week or even per hour.

Since the images that are displayed on the media facade greatly influence the atmosphere of the space and the communication with the visitors, it is of high importance to have a clear vision of the content.