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The building was designed by A. Nikolashin, a well-known modern architect, and &light developed and delivered on site an integrated sustainable lighting concept to complement the design Read more...

Lighting Consulting, Value Engineering & Design Adoptation

We see Value Engineering as a creative, organized approach that can be applied to the different systems/components of the lighting project, aiming to optimize cost without sacrificing quality.

Value Engineering may be implemented throughout the different project phases, starting from the conceptual planning phase until to the construction phase. Value Engineering applied at the early phases of a project, especially during the design phase, will realize the greatest benefit.

Several researches, concluded that the optimum locus to conduct a Value Engineering analysis is when the design is about 30 % completed – or after the development of the schematic design – as all costing data will be more readily available in the form of the cost estimate, and therefore savings can easily be identified.