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The Church of Christ not-made-by-hand at Usovo, Usovo township, Russia

The Church of Christ complex was officially opened on 6 July 2010 with participation of the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, and the Patriarch of All Russia, Kirill. 

The Church of Christ complex was designed in a style of the Vladimir Rus of XIV century located in a peaceful area in Moscow region surrounded by forests, with minimum existing lighting around, so the sustainability from the very beginning was one of the priorities of our lighting concept.

The hierarchy of luminosity levels of the buildings in the complex is designed in line with the hierarchies of the buildings in the complex, based on historical research done by our specialists. The entrance sconces and light poles shape is designed and inspired by the shape of an orthodox icon lamp with a lit candle inside. Additional simple-shape small size light poles, customized in the same finish/colour with the primary ones, provided for pedestrian paths within and near the complex.

During the feast days, the 40-metre Church of Christ becomes the benchmark. Its night image reminds you of a giant candle, created by lighting up its cupola and the cross, using floodlights precisely aimed from 5 points located around the building. The light is dimmed down at the facades of the Church with additional light fittings in window frames creating the 'light from inside effect'.

The lighting equipment is strategically “hidden” on the tops of other buildings of the complex, or put outside the complex boundary thus creating visual comfort and the best viewing experience for visitors.

Artistic usage of light and shadow and the careful combination of different colour temperatures make it possible to emphasize the volumes and the shape of the buildings and to expose architectural beauty of a classical Russian Orthodox Church.


LAMP Awards 2013, Shortlisted project in Architectural Lighting Design Award category.

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