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Olonkholand, Yakutsk, Russia

The multi-functional nature and usage of the Olonkho complex makes huge demands on lighting design.

The lighting strategy for Olonkholand is based on 5 principles:

• Light that awakens life: the life represented by the World Tree reflected at night in different characters, activities and colors of different parts of the Olonkholand and makes it alive all the year round

• Light that connects the people and the city: lighting brings people together and enhances socializing during late hours, interactive feature lighting and media architecture installations proposed will create additional channels of communication between the citizens, visitors and the Olonkholand

• Light creates a ‘night clothing’ of Olonkholand: lighting system elements integrated into the landscape, structures and architecture creating a ‘layer of light’ providing for holistic night image of Olonkholand

• Light where and when it is needed: lighting elements located to provide required light levels and safety for people during late hours, controlled by intelligent centralized lighting control system with programmed lighting scenes (summer week day/evening/festive day, winter day/evening etc.)

• Light and sustainability: energy efficiency and low maintenance through implementing the modern lighting technologies (LEDs) with extremely long life and high temperature range of work without any undesirable light pollution and glare for the people and visitors of the Olonkholand

Image credits: Rubio Arquitectura, Francisco Mangado, &light


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