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Multifunctional Exhibition Complex 'MinWatersEXPO', Mineral Waters, Russia

New ultra-modern exhibition complex in Mineral Waters in addition to the internal and external exhibition spaces also contains the office areas as well as a 5-star hotel. Its strategic location close to the airport and main road junctions of the city will make it one of the most popular places in Mineral Waters for business and entertainment.

The building is designed in a modern style, and is well-integrated into the environment around the project site with two decorative pools in front of the building enhancing this connection. Inspired by the shape of the building, which from the primary viewpoint reminds you of a water drop, we proposed the dynamic lighting scheme for the main façade in order to enhance this feeling among visitors of the complex during the evening hours.

The Client’s Brief for the project stated that no light fittings could be fixed to the facades of the building and uniform lighting of the wave-shaped sunscreens of the facades should be provided.

Our design team examined a number of lighting techniques to meet these requirements and decided to use in-ground uplighters with customised optics for the sunscreens combined with the floodlighting of the loading dock façade from the light poles used for functional lighting of the loading area. The primary façade lighting is provided by RGB LED projectors “hidden” above the revolving doors and carefully aimed to create the dynamic effect of a water drop slowly falling into a pool of water underneath. The building is literally connected to the ground with lighting.

As a part of the project &light also developed the functional lighting for the area around the complex, the decorative lighting and water feature lighting of the pools, as well as provided consulting services for the client and landscape architect in selection of urban furniture for the project to suit the overall design of the building and client branding strategies.

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