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Svetosila LLC

‘Svetosila’ (Moscow, Russia) - the lighting engineering & instal­lation company experienced in project management, de­livery on site, installation works and future maintenance of lighting systems. Details - www.svetosila.net  

MAF Market Studio

‘MAF Market Studio’ (Moscow, Russia) - urban furniture design and production company, strategically doing business and provide high quality designed products optimized to local markets and client requirements. Details - mafmarket.ru/

United Engineering Forces Group

‘United Engineering Forces Group’ - a partnership firm of engineering professionals involved in different aspects of design who collaborate globally and provide integrated design solutions for projects of any scale and complexity. Details - ueforces.com

Krea Ingeniería y Consultoría

'Krea Ingeniería y Consultoría' (Madrid, Spain) - expertise in facade design and optimization (in order to minimize in­vestments), thermal and solar analysis, materials technol­ogy, fire consultancy and sustainable design. Details – www.kreaingenieria.com